Sunday at 9am

Join us for a quietly, gently formal service of Holy Communion.



Our main service on Sunday morning is interactive and intergenerational: we provide ways for all to engage with the gospel in a way that suits them best.


Usually,  we disperse to five different spaces in the main church, each of which is designed for a different learning style.

While our church is temporarily closed we hope to provide you with similar options - updated weekly - so that you can engage in a similar way online.


Click on each picture for the various options.

Abraham's Tent

Come and visit Abraham's Tent at St Anselms: an area where you can engage imaginatively with the stories of the Old Testament.

People of many faiths are familiar with the story of Abraham: he appears in the sacred texts of Jews, Muslims and Christians and others. Moreover, many people recognise their own story in Abraham's - particularly those whose lives also include a long journey away from all that is familiar.