Sunday at 9am

Join us for a quietly, gently formal service of Holy Communion.


Sundays @ 9am

A quiet, gently formal service of Holy Communion.

Sundays @ 11am

Interactive & Intergenerational

With contemporary worship music.

Wednesdays @ 10.30am

Exploring the deep questions of the scriptures together at our midweek service.



We describe our main service at 11am on Sunday mornings as interactive and intergenerational. What this means is that instead of sending children and young people out to separate groups we provide ways for all to digest and engage with the gospel together.


We begin with a time of musical worship, which is followed by Bible readings, then a short sermon, after which we disperse to five different spaces in the main church, each of which is designed for a different learning style. People are free to join any area, and we’re often surprised by who goes where.


To our delight, people of every generation are finding it fruitful. We’re getting to know each other better, enjoying each other’s artistic creations and our attendance among all age groups is slowly rising.


Come and give it a try!

Abraham's Tent

Come and visit Abraham's Tent at St Anselms: an area where you can engage imaginatively with the stories of the Old Testament.

People of many faiths are familiar with the story of Abraham: he appears in the sacred texts of Jews, Muslims and Christians and others. Moreover, many people recognise their own story in Abraham's - particularly those whose lives also include a long journey away from all that is familiar.